Check list

To guarantee a stress-free renting experience, we have compiled a check list of questions that need to be addressed before requesting your equipment.

General questions

  • When will the event begin and conclude? Is it a one-day event or will it extend over several days?
  • When do you want to pick up the equipment and when do you plan to return it?
  • Or do you need our help to set up, dismantle, transport or operate the equipment?
  • If so, where and when should we deliver the equipment?

Conditions of location

  • Where will the party take place?
  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • How big is your room? Do you know the dimensions?
  • How many guests do you expect? What is the capacity of the venue in terms of people?
  • How accessible is the location?
  • What’s the parking situation?

Planning a party

  • Do you want music at your party?
  • Are you planning to have live music? If so, it would be very helpful if you could tell us the exact technical requirements of the band. Or are you planning to supply recorded music only (via CD etc.)?
  • Will you, or a guest, be giving a speech?
  • Do you need a stage?
  • Do you need stage lighting, or lighting for the dance floor, or for something else?
  • Do you want special effects like fog, lasers, or fireworks

Planning a conference or presentation

  • As the technology required for conferences and presentations can be rather complex, we always recommend having at least one technician on site at the conference. It will give you peace of mind.
  • How many speakers will there be?
  • Do you need wireless microphones?
  • Do you need a stage?
  • Do you need lighting for your stage?
  • Do you want to show pictures, videos or files?

Useful tips at pick-up

  • Whatever you do, please make sure that you have a valid photo ID with you when picking up the ordered equipment. If you are unable to pick up the equipment yourself, please tell us the name of the person in advance that you will be sending to pick up the equipment for you. The name of the person picking up the equipment will be on the delivery note. The person picking up the equipment must also show us some photo ID.
  • Unless otherwise arranged and agreed, all amounts due at pick-up are to be paid in cash or by debit card. All prices on our website are excluding VAT.
  • A deposit of €200 is required at pick-up and payable by debit card. The deposit will be credited to the person’s debit card who paid the deposit, when the equipment is returned.
  • If you’re uncertain of how much transport space you’ll need, just ask, and we’ll be glad to help. Our employees are good at estimating what type of vehicle is needed to transport the ordered equipment.

Contact person

Tim HohmannTechnical Support+49 6151-770654hohmann@remove.this.sinus.de